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The Editor's Affairs (TEA)

Bring TEA into your working day and get your affairs in order

Customize Your TEA

The Editor's Affairs (TEA)

“I was so impressed by, and happy with, Maya’s willingness and ability to customize TEA to work for me. As someone who bills in more than one currency and quotes in more than one way (by the hour, by the 1,000 words, by the project, etc.) and often quotes for footnotes in a different way to main texts, the individual customization of TEA was a game-changer.”

Janet MacMillan
​wordsmith | editor |
proofreader | researcher

Introduction to TEA customizations

The Editor's Affairs tailored to your business needs

Just as each editor brings their unique experience, perspective, and professional judgment to their editorial work, we all have our own needs when it comes to tracking our business data. While the Standard TEA spreadsheets are powerful administration tools, customizing them offers even more insights about the health of your business.

Some of the most requested customization options for The Editor's Affairs are listed below, along with screenshots of how they might look in your TEA.

Additional Currencies

Quote for projects from all around the world with confidence. This customization streamlines your currency conversions and displays your quotes and income for each project in the currency of your choice.

Your monthly income summaries will show all your income received in all your chosen currencies.

You get to choose how you want your additional-currency customization to work:

1. "Amount to Quote" in multiple currencies

TEA would calculate all your hourly, per-project, and per-1000-word (or per-page) rates in your primary currency, and it would automatically convert the total in the "Amount to Quote" column for your projects into secondary currencies of your choosing.

2. Full quoting functionality in multiple currencies

TEA would allow you to do all your quoting calculations for each project in your primary currency or any secondary currencies you specify.

Monthly Budgeting

Link your income, business expenses and personal/household finances with an integrated monthly budgeting tab.

TEA monthly budgeting, including business and household expenses and income


The reporting options for your business data are virtually unlimited. They include client percentage breakdowns by country or type, year-on-year income, average number of hours worked per week, which clients are habitually late payers, which sources yielded the most lucrative projects, how often you actually get your desired hourly rate, and so much more!

Get in touch to discuss your TEA customization needs

Whether you're interested in any of the above options or you have other ideas for recording and analyzing your business data in TEA, I'd love to discuss your customization needs with you.

Click the link below to start creating your perfect TEA blend!

What to hear from other TEA users?

​Check out the TEA Case Studies page to see how freelance editors use TEA to manage their business affairs.

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