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About Me

My name is Maya Berger, and I have always been passionate about communication and the written word.

After completing my Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Philosophy from McGill University, I moved from Canada to the UK to complete a Master's of Arts degree in Children's Literature at the University of Reading. I lived and worked in the UK for 13 years before returning to Canada in 2017, and I'm now based in Toronto.

Maya Berger

Editorial experience

I am a trained and highly experienced copy-editor and proofreader who will provide a fresh pair of eyes and catch any spelling, grammar, formatting, and consistency errors that you and your spell-checker may have missed.

I worked as an editor, researcher and editorial manager in the higher education specialist publishing sector for over 10 years before starting my own editorial business in 2016. Throughout my professional career I have worn many hats, including lead proofreader and editor for online content, copyeditor and proofreader for novels and short stories, and Department Manager within a leading UK university. I therefore have a wide breadth of proofreading and copy-editing experience across various types of text, including works of fiction in many genres, web content, magazine articles, marketing materials, scholarly monographs, journal articles, and postgraduate essays and theses.

I am well-versed in North American and British writing styles, and can edit texts written for a wide range of purposes and audiences. My background in philosophy and literary theory enables me to spot inconsistent writing and edit texts for a wide variety of reading levels, as well as giving me the expertise to correct typos and formatting errors in a text.


I Recommend the Conscious Style Guide

CIEP Advanced Professional Member

I am an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), and I abide by their code of practice.

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